Wisdom from Dr. Seuss

Doing what is best for me… This has always been a foreign concept. But, I have chosen to invest in myself for once. Not trying to please anyone else or impress anybody – just an act of self-care.

I choose to have a better life.
I choose peace of mind.
I choose recovery…

Today is my first full day of in-patient treatment for my eating disorder. Making the decision to come here was honestly one of the hardest I’ve ever made, but I think it will turn out to be one of the best. All of the staff and other girls here are absolutely wonderful; they are all so open and understanding. I know that we are all here for the same reason, so that gives me no reason to hide anything. And, boy, that is a relief! Keeping things all bottled up inside gets old and tiring REAL quick. So treatment might not turn out to be so bad after all. 🙂 I truly believe that God has placed me here for a reason, and I pray that I take advantage the time I have remaining.

Heavenly Father, please wrap your comforting arms around me. Surround me with peace; rest my mind. I am so thankful for You giving me this opportunity to be rescued from the grasp of this disorder and for surrounding me with people who truly care. Lord, I pray that I will stay confident in my recovery and persevere through the tough times. You are so mighty and powerful over ever obstacle I may face, and I praise You for delivering me this far. Continue to walk with me and guide me every step of the way. Lord, You know my heart and every need that I have. May Your will be done in all things.
I ask all of these things for the glory of Your name alone, Amen. ❤


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